Discover your literal and figurative voice for business professionals


Available through Online Video sessions and in person.  Contact me at melanie.espeland@gmail.com to discuss how we can change your voice.  


I combine my unique skill mix in corporate strategy and voice acting to help business executives articulate their self awareness, outsider perception, and image.  Through both mind and body techniques, we craft your inner dialogue to bring your individual power to the forefront. You can literally and figuratively change your voice to better own yourself and thus your career. 

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “Be Yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 

Typically sessions start with a grounding meditative exercise, followed by both written and acted exercises to discover your desires, signature strengths, and goals.  Technical acting and voice work will follow to address your inner and outer voice, aligning to your goals. Additionally, my partnership with some clients will include resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn strategies to ensure their image aligns with their genuine voice. 

Overall, it’s part creative acting, part therapeutic self-discovery, and parts strategic future planning.  This is acting for business professionals.


▪ 13+ years professional experience

▪ Signed Voiceover Actor 


▪ Voice training with Anna Garduno of Voice Forward and Paul Liberti

▪ MBA, Columbia University

▪ BS, Cornell University




Melanie was amazing!  I have always been terribly shy, which was negatively affecting my boss' perception in senior level meetings.  I was uncomfortable speaking up in front of C level executives.  After working with Melanie, I have a new found sense of self and confidence to speak to almost anyone.

Katherine W.

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