Freelance strategy and operations consulting for startups


Since 2007 I have built a strong background in both operations and strategy, allowing me to unlock substantial value in organizations of all sizes. In 2015 I started aiding multiple startups achieve their goals in the pre-launch, early stage, and growth stages.  I love building new businesses and brainstorming creative solutions. 


Please contact me at to discuss how we can partner to build your business.  

A selection of services include (but are not limited to): 

MVP: The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a low risk and cost effective way of showcasing product/market fit and product demand.   Services can include an MVP plan and/or project managing the plan execution. 

Pitch Deck & Fundraising: Creating, editing, and completing a pitch deck suited for seeking early to late stage funding, and general sharing of company concepts.  

Financial Model: Excel document with 2-3 year outlook of projected revenue, EBITDA, cash flow.  Includes revenue assumptions, cost assumptions, and market sizing to be discussed in collaboration with client. 

Operations: Setting up from scratch or improving existing processes across various areas of your organization. 

Supply Chain: Identifying both process improvement and cost saving opportunities while maintaining quality control.

Building teams:  Building organization designs, and then sourcing, hiring, and training new talent for growing clients. 

Strategy:  Utilizing management consulting toolkits to create new or redefine existing strategic direction. 

Customer Experience:  Creating customer experience workflows for human capital and software, including a brand ethos on how to treat customers, and increase CLV through CX touch points. 


▪ 13+ years professional experience in operations and strategy 

▪ 5+ years experience with startups

▪ Former McKinsey & Company 


▪ MBA, Columbia University

▪ BS, Cornell University



Driving Revenue & Profitability


I partnered with a lingerie brand to identify new D2C marketing and sales strategies, resulting in brand revenue increase of 25% over one quarter.


I worked with a beauty brand founder and branding consultancy to create a powerful pitch deck and financial model, resulting in a successful pre-seed funding round.


I managed the customer experience department for a newly launched D2C CPG brand.  I was the architect of the customer experience ethos & workflows utilizing Shopify and Kustomer software.  I managed continuous improvement as strategic insights arose from customer feedback and competitive market.  The team proved to be top performers, maintaining high NPS (+9/10) and CSAT (+4/5) scores in daily operations.


At a tech startup, I identified significant long-term opportunities for improving digital UX based on research, analysis, and a strategic point of view on the industry's direction.  I partnered with product managers and engineers to address the changes and product roadmap accordingly.


In this engagement, I helped my client identify potential new raw material suppliers and factories and perform RFQs.   We identified a new set of suppliers that increased margin on their 3 key products by an average 11%.


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